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The Sausage Guy

Welcome to The Sausage Guy, the go-to destination for delicious sausages, hot dogs, and other classic ballpark foods. Our story begins with the founder and owner, David Littlefield, who started his first concession business in 1993, selling boneless buffalo wings to Patriots fans at the Foxboro stadium. After a slow start, he quickly pivoted to hot dogs and sausages and soon became a staple of the landscape. David's personality, marketing schemes, and outgoing personality continue to set him apart from the rest.


Our Founder

David Littlefield, also known as The Sausage Guy and a local celebrity. Camille Dodero, of the Boston Phoenix, wrote in his 2004 article,


“ How did David Littlefield- aka The Sausage Guy-go from street meat vendor to local celebrity? “Three essential ingredients: A pair of tongs, an indefatigable work ethic and a whole lot of meat. Littlefield has gone on to be the most famous vendor in New England, if not the country.”


He's also a fixture at all Red Sox games. The Sausage Guy has become a legendary cult figure and entertainer among celebrities and mobs of screaming fans who pop over to his cart when they get the late night urge for the “other white meat.” Beyond his love of sausages, David is a devoted husband and father of three.


Millions of fans have come to know and love The Sausage Guy's products - juicy, flavorful sausages and hot dogs that are perfect for any occasion. We use only the highest quality ingredients and prepare every item with care, ensuring that you get the freshest, most delicious food possible. Along with our traditional sausage and hot dog offerings, we also offer a variety of toppings, sauces, and sides to make your meal complete. You can now purchase Sausage Guy sausages online 24-7, with shipping available anywhere in the U.S.


We specialize in providing fast, high-quality food for large events. With over 25 years of experience serving hundreds and thousands of hungry fans at Red Sox games, Phantom Food Fest, and other events, we know how to satisfy a crowd. We offer a variety of menu options to fit your needs, from classic sausages and hot dogs to hamburgers, pulled pork, and boneless BBQ chicken. Whether you're planning a backyard barbecue, corporate event, or wedding, The Sausage Guy can bring a little bit of fun and flavor to your celebration.

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